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Found 4 results

  1. First test seems EyeTV 3.6.9 is working with the first Developer Beta of MacOS Sierra The Program found all DVB-T channels, but none of the 8 available DVB-T2 in Cologne Germany Even if there is no h265 (HEVC) implementation yet to present any streams, the search mechanism does not show any DVB-T2 channels. The same with El Captain, Yosemite and Snow Leopard. Please Geniatech release first a Beta Software-Codec for EyeTV OS X before announcing DVB-T2 support If You have Genius programmers, Apple Metal API would be fantastic to be supported with EyeTV 4 Thank You... Mathew. PS: Channel Preview with 4,9,16 and even more Thumbnails would be amazing too.
  2. Just upgrade EyeTV software to 3.6.9 today concurrent to subscribing to TV guide EPG service (N. America). After entering all my info. and starting up the service, my on-screen "remote" controller doesn't appear anywhere. I can get a menu of items inside the "live" window, but no "remote" controller shows up on my desktop screen. Using mid-2010 iMac, w/12GB RAM, 2 TB HD, running High Sierra 10.12.6. Anyone seen this problem and know a fix? Not sure how to isolate since i just upgraded two things at once.
  3. Hi I'm hoping that someone may be able to help me. I haven't used my hybrid device in awhile - and I'm puzzled about my experience now and hopw someone can advise me. I've moved into a new apartment with a cable TV connection in two rooms. I have my regular TV set up in one - recently I moved it into the other room and thought it would be nice to use my lEyeTV device in the other, if I wish - rather than moving the TV from room to room or having a 2nd TV. When I did the exhaustive scan it seems to recognise the channels ok, but when I try to watch a channel I get a message to say 'encrypted' and I cannot see anything. Can you help me throw some light on this problem please? So, in summary, the cable outlet works with a TV ok. The EyeTV device can find the channels but cannot 'see' them. Many thanks and regards Bridget
  4. I have been using an EyeTV Hybrid on an 8 year old iMac for 2+ years, it worked fine. Recently I purchased a new iMac running El Capitain and the EyeTV no longer works, auto tune doesn't find any channels. When I reconnect the EyeTV back to the old iMac it works perfectly. Have submitted a couple of tickets to Geniatech support and have yet to receive a reply (or acknowledgement, not really world class over there). If anyone has any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, Mtn.