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    Do *NOT* Install Update: v. 3.6.9 (7521)

    I find it surprising that you wouldn't consult the user guide for your EYETV device, or just download the User Guide which is posted their website. Doing a channel scan is not that big a deal, and takes maybe a minute or so.
  2. Just upgrade EyeTV software to 3.6.9 today concurrent to subscribing to TV guide EPG service (N. America). After entering all my info. and starting up the service, my on-screen "remote" controller doesn't appear anywhere. I can get a menu of items inside the "live" window, but no "remote" controller shows up on my desktop screen. Using mid-2010 iMac, w/12GB RAM, 2 TB HD, running High Sierra 10.12.6. Anyone seen this problem and know a fix? Not sure how to isolate since i just upgraded two things at once.