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  1. I came back to forum for a different conversation. As to this post -- I misspoke earlier out of frustration. "Done"... meaning more with... the software, or as in the EPG, and... well truthfully - this forum topic. Because it seems there was no actual reply to the actual topic - I can't quite help to believe it was just done with a level of sarcastic spite or malice. You're backhanded type of poking, response is really - why I don't like joining forums. But sure, ok - I'll take the patronizing "welcome back." Thanks - @EYEMISSELGATO NOW... Ive made certain I've turned off notifications.
  2. We have two macs strictly for media running EyeTV, but NEVER said I was abandoning EyeTv software, the app. Just their crummy servicing of TV Guide, which they're obviously doing while robbing customer's of their subscription fee, which by the way - I demanded full refund and successfully received it by going through PayPal. I just dropped back to this post to see if anything new had happened, and see nothing has, confirmed by my quick check to download TV Guide EPG. And the notorious quotes are still being given by what seems to be the only support agent, Angela, who ever replies to the issue. I see again she's saying - it's almost done. WHATEVER! They've been saying the same thing for almost 1 & ½ months now. I use to get told - we'll let you know in a couple days. Then they'd say - the problem will be corrected at the end of the week. WHATEVER They've shown no effort, no good actions with the situation, nor given any reason to believe they're fixing the issue, or even working on the issue. There is absolutely NO way this kind of issue would take 2 months to correct. I'd only suggest - people demand and get a full refund.
  3. By the way - regarding the last screen shots I posted. They're from There are different pictures (of course) for But they're now showing a difference for TV Guide as a free 4 week trial. But if you try to buy the EPG subscription they still show it as out of stock. Hmm... available with their premium service, but still not yet as a subscription purchase?? At least not in the U.S. At any rate... I am OUT OF HERE for good. They've pulled the cork, so I'm getting out before the ship completely goes down. Off to find another hardware/software service. CIAO
  4. Lets just say I've gone beyond the ½ century mark, but I've also been heavily involved with computers for the last 35+ years. When referring to simple/advanced functions - meaning the advance features of eyeTV are easy to use.
  5. Yes... two posts... somewhere within now... 12 pages?
  6. Ahh... but communication is a two way street.
  7. *** NOW.... BAIT AND SWITCH?!? *** I was filing complaint with the FTC and had to get Geniatech's address and noticed this when I went to their page. Seem they're trying to do a little bait and switch tactics! That's the only conclusion I can come to. See the screen shot!! This wasn't there before! It said "out of stock" and the TV guide logo was gone. Seems they want you to pay $80 bucks and THEN give you TV Guide free? I'm in the U.S. - we can't get ANY of their premium content (I believe) it's only in Europe.
  8. [here I go... another post. sorry again] thx MissElgato - encouraging words. It's not that I lack the technical know-how to make the changes - just the time, and lack of desire to make change to a method we've used for around 13 years on two EyeTV devices. Anyway... it's encouraging. Thanks! QUESTION: of the EPG services mentioned (not that it matters because we already pay for TV Guide) but all the services are fee based? I thought I've seen it mentioned. If so - how much?
  9. I guess I'd partially have to disagree. From what I gather just from what you've said and what Millstadt said, which seems to be that and xmltv both supply EPG. That's simply picking out where/what your own region/area/country - you need your EPG data from. Specific EPG is determined by your location, which goes directly hand in hand with your provider (air, cable, satellite) That just means - where you're at. So then - - we're then strictly talking about how to use the tv schedule/program data (EPG) or the implementation of EPG. That doesn't change. It seems to me - the only differentiating factor - is a person's location, and what you use, which are both steps within EyeTV software anyway. The steps needed are - how to make alternative EPG data sources to communicate with your EyeTV software/hardware. It'd just be simpler if Geniatech would open EyeTV software to more sources, or at least one that reads, "other" - under "Guide" in EyeTV preferences. They need to get their residual revenue from somewhere, I guess? (APOLOGIES) wasn't my intention to seemingly hijack the topic.
  10. Danny - Are you just referring to how EyeTV as an application communicates with the data, the data communication, and how it's handled? I'm reading your post and trying to visualize how we've used Smart Guides. Is this what you're referring to? Create a Smart Guide - those reside as it's own list under the four main categories (Recordings, Schedules, Channels, Program Guide) TV Guide EPG data has always shown up in the Program Guide area, where TV Guide Diagnostics reside as well. (also update EPG here, too) Smart Guides won't even bother working without EPG (of course) Otherwise, a program selected (as seen in pic) would show a red dot along with name, and program info. Schedules: Yes, after a smart guide has been created - the tv program's schedule appear here. You can also manually create a schedule(s). What's seen in in the "Schedules" screen shot /page are manual recordings I created since there's no EPG for Smart Guides to do it for me. I might refer to a smart guides as - "contingency features" - more advanced recording requirements a user determines. When creating a manual schedule, about the only extra feature you can add (as seen) is to "Repeat" - then after that - options like... daily, weekly, monthly... are available. SMART GUIDE PAGE: SCHEDULES PAGE: CREATE SMART GUIDE PROCEDURE:
  11. Believe me... I've been using EyeTV for around 13 years. I know how it and EPG functions. I'm trying to clarify what you said before, and exactly what you're trying to correct me on now? You Said: As I said in my last post, "Smart Guides" works the same with EPG TV Guides that you can get from schedules and as it did with geniatech's EPG TV Guide. Ahh... it wasn't clear before. You were saying and/or can be used for EPG as TV Guide EPG. I thought you were saying you needed "schedule's" service "AND" xmltv's service. It should have read -- "or" --- instead of "and." Nasty thing.... semantics. 😉
  12. (When I have time) I will have to see for myself to consider this option, but frankly - I don't see how it could be more user friendly as it requires going out of EyeTV. Again... I know ... I'll have to see it. But once you've created a Smart Guide within EyeTV there's absolutely no programming necessary for as long (years if so) as you're recording a program. Smart Guides also have functions that can take into account many possible unforeseen issues that may arise during a broadcast season. Call me lazy... but it's why I purchased EyeTV; 14 day EPG program data, automatic on /off of our Mac, brainless recording, review, export without commercials, and some functions we've yet to use. And it sounds as though there's at least one fee, if not more that will be required. I'll still need to look at the options posed here, but again.. lack of time to do all the sorting of services mentioned here is why we got an EyeTV device and software. Maybe a hard box DVR /streaming type of device and service is in our near future instead?
  13. So... am I correct to assume - - it then would take TWO different services to produce what was done once in EyeTV software? Requiring ... AND... xmltvlistings? Right? With EyeTV there are a variety of features/function as well as 26 different variables in the scroll over menu you can activate, not to mention after creating a smart guide, you can have interact with smart play lists, which then . works the same for you in these aspects of EyeTV? BTW - were you referring to "" not ""?
  14. Well... even the title is somehow related to essentially creating your own EPG, and if you're the original post'r - even more reason to create a more concise and comprehensive "how to" on creating your own EPG feed. You can ask others to do that as you did, but in doing so you also invite being misquoted, and having misinformation entered as well. And it may not be impossible to extrapolate directions, but like some feel they'll spend $100 bucks to get back $20 (still don't know how that is) most likely I won't bother going through 10 - 15 pages to sort out scattered ideas and directions to piece back together.
  15. Do you guys know something I don't regarding TV Guide EPG? Other than it currently not working? Granted... there's been no explanation provided, official, rumored, or otherwise - other than Geniatech support claiming it's' being worked on. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about having a working "solution" but I also don't want what might constitute as a "work around" only to sacrifice more specialized features and functions we're able to use now, such as "smart guides." Which if anyone hasn't' used them - I don't know how you've functioned using EyeTV without it's simple, yet advanced functions. (ie - not recording a program if it's a repeat) It allows, in comparison to do what you do with IFTT (if this then that) right from within EyeTV in conjunction with TV Guide EPG