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  1. Is there a place to comment/make suggestions about the forums themselves?
  2. I wonder if this is the problem where you need a Geniatech login for 3.6.9 (7513) and beyond to work?
  3. If re-creating the Elgato login at Geniatech (same e-mail address) is necessary for continued guide operation when upgrading from earlier versions, then they really should put a very prominent note about this in the 3.6.9 (7513) Release Notes and those of all following releases. This probably justified a version bump to 3.6.10. Glad to know this before upgrading.
  4. Cramming everything into the hardware/software wishlist thread is is going to get awkward, I think, so how about individual topics for areas of hardware/software function? This one is about EyeTV's display and handling of lists of recordings, guide search results and show detail. 1) Please add additional columns to episode lists in Recordings, guide searches, etc. I'm working through Big Bang Theory reruns. The program is on twice weekdays and also on weekends. Usually each time slot is doing its own "episode stream", each stepping through a different season. This gets chaotic. If a sortable "Season/Episode" column were available on lists, it would be much easier to watch recordings in order, without having to constantly click to get Show Detail then click back for each episode. Similarly, when looking at guide search results or schedules, it would be possible to see what seasons/episodes are coming without having to be constantly popping into and out of Show Detail. There may be other columns that would be quite useful, but I would (figuratively!) kill to have season/episode added. 2) Along the lines of #1, make it possible to get rid of the Preview thumbnail and have Title on a single line so that listings are as compact as possible. Perhaps there should be options for the two line Title, Show Tile and Episode Title columns. Preview too. 3) When Show Detail is displayed, it completely replaces the Guide or list in the right pane, so one has to keep clicking in and back out if one is trying to get the details on a series of shows. How about an option for three pane display? When one selects Show Detail, the two pane display becomes a three pane display with the detail in the right pane. This would be similar to Finder's column view. If one moves around the list or guide, the detail pane would update. 4) When in Show Detail, when up or down arrow are hit, move to the next or previous list/guide item instead of changing channels!
  5. (Is there a way to insert responses inline in a block quote??) 1) yes, EyeTV is a perfect app for an old computer to sit in a corner and run. Perhaps a Snow Leopard compatible ESR release? It might not be able to do everything a current Mac could do, but it would be fine for capturing and watching programs. I'd be willing to pay a modest premium for that. Same for an IOS app, so I can give that old 4th Gen iPod Touch some further life. (I'm tired of the rapidly accumulating eTrash due to death by version incompatibility.) 2) perhaps an advanced pref? 4) Option to suspend compression for some period of time? I want it to resume compressing overnight so I suspend for 4 hours... 7) Any improvement would be welcome. I snagged an Elgato turbo.264 HD stick and like it. While the compression timing is not much different than using the CPU of the my Mini, the beauty is that the Mini CPUs aren't doing the work. Perhaps another hardware device can be attempted? The business about having to compress before sending to an IOS device is a pain. I can watch it live but not a recording? Well, then send the raw video if compressed isn't ready. Or stream the compressed video as it is generated.
  6. I've been experiencing this on an Elgato branded US HDHR Dual. When EyeTV tries to go to the channel, the tuner LED blinks for a while (instead of quickly going solid on), then goes off as EyeTV gives up. In my case, the failure is somewhat survivable. When manually tuning, after a failure, I go to another station. The vast bulk of the time the tuner will connect immediately. I can then switch back to the station I wanted. When recording, the tuner most likely will not connect, as in the manual case. But 60 seconds after the recording should have started, EyeTV notices that it hasn't and tries again. On the second try, it succeeds. By setting the Extend Recordings - Start: [ 1 ] minutes before scheduled option, I avoid missing any of the program. If two programs are scheduled to record at the same time, the first program suffers the one minute delay as above, but the second program tunes immediately (and then records an extra minute. ) So there is some sort of second effort effect that makes it work. I'm currently running EyeTV 3.6.9 (7416). Sorry it is late and I don't other version and hardware information handy. I've experienced this across multiple versions of EyeTV, OS X and have updated the firmware in the HDHR with no effect. I'll try to get back with the further info. If Geniatech has trouble reproducing this issue, perhaps I can even provide a Wireshark capture.
  7. I'd also like to add my thanks for reviving forums for EyeTV. Losing the EyeTV Lounge was a huge hit as far as users being able to share information.