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  1. I'm keeping at least one Mac that can run EyeTV3. I was going to purchase Eyetv 4 but will not until they fix the activation lock issue. If they never do then I will be staying with Eyetv 3. I use it to record a few shows OTA and it does a great job along with my 15+ year old El Gato Hybrid USB stick. Why did they buy the stuff from El Gato if they aren't even going to support it?????☹️
  2. This problemsis one of the main reasons I"m still using a 2013 iMac running High Sierra and Eyetv3. It just works. I have on OTA antenna and an El Gato Hybrid USB stick I've had for 10+ years. It just works. I have a show I want recorded everyday and Eyetv 3 records it everyday. I can't remember the last time it failed to record something. When I finally upgrade my iMac to an M series Mac as my daily driver I will keep my current iMac around just so I can use Eyetv 3 with it. That is unless by some miracle they finally make Eyetv 4 usable.
  3. I'm still using Eyetv 3 on iMac because it works and also because i'm not even confident that if I purchase a key for Eyetv4 i will be sent a code to use it. And like the previous poster said will that code only work once? Can I put it on my MBP also? The new owners should really read these forums and get more engaged.
  4. I have been. The messages are from Friday so the purge is long overdue. lol
  5. Would be nice if someone could get rid of all this political spamming.
  6. So no one here has Eyetv 4 installed on more than 1 Mac? 🤔
  7. Can you install Eyetv 4 on more than 1 Mac like you can with Eyetv 3? I've read a few posts from people saying they can't or when they try they get an invalid software key. thx
  8. Thanks TBinNM for the reply. I was just a bit concerned but will now go ahead and purchase Eyetv 4.
  9. I've been using EyeTv 3 for many, many years. I just use it to record a few OTA shows. I just got an Apple refurbished M1 MBP running Ventura and would like to use Eyetv 4 with it but have been reading posts where people have bought the app but never heard back from the company with their software key. Is it safe to but this app from Geniatech???