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  1. So no one here has Eyetv 4 installed on more than 1 Mac? 🤔
  2. Can you install Eyetv 4 on more than 1 Mac like you can with Eyetv 3? I've read a few posts from people saying they can't or when they try they get an invalid software key. thx
  3. Thanks TBinNM for the reply. I was just a bit concerned but will now go ahead and purchase Eyetv 4.
  4. I've been using EyeTv 3 for many, many years. I just use it to record a few OTA shows. I just got an Apple refurbished M1 MBP running Ventura and would like to use Eyetv 4 with it but have been reading posts where people have bought the app but never heard back from the company with their software key. Is it safe to but this app from Geniatech???