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  1. EyeTV appears to be "abandonware" at this stage. It is essentially dead software. Support fails to actually respond to anything. There are issues with EyeTV4 on pre-M1 Macs... I seriously doubt anything has been done to ensure things run on M1s.
  2. Plex is a horrible alternative unfortunately. It nowhere close to having the functionality of EyeTV3.
  3. I can not fathom owning a company and just abandoning customers this way... with no announcement.. not explanation.. no refunds..not even a response... nothing.
  4. If they don't respond in their own support forums, it seems clear they don't care. The only emails I've received from their "support" (which are just full of untruths and stalling tactics) are from But again.. it's abundantly clear that anything from that email address was all merely lying to me.
  5. Interesting that this thread shows 0 replies when obviously, that's not the case. Still no EPG data nearly 6 months later. That's some stunningly BAD customer service.
  6. The end of the year is this weekend.... Not only marking the end of 2022... but also... 146 days without EPG data ... at this point all excuses are just that excuses... "engineers' have had AMPLE time to correct the issue. If it is "server related" there's been ample time to correct that as well... Now.. Giniatech is simply in breech of the agreement they made with users (all users) --- users pay for software with a specific set of features, then pay additionally for EPG data, in return Geniatech agreed to provide the software and EPG data --- Geniatch is breeching the agreement. I wish I were a more litigious individual... but class action seems relevant. FIX THE ISSUE ALREADY! --------------------- WARNING: DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM GENIATECH - There is ZERO product support.
  7. In my experience one must save channels for them to reload in any specified order. Otherwise, each time EyeTV loads it uses the default sort order.
  8. Planning ANYTHING is a nightmare. It takes considerable effort to look at a guide somewhere else.. find a program, then note the channel and time, then input all that manually into EyeTV. They need to just fix the EPG data issue already. Looks like paying for some other service, dealign with the cumbersome, confusing, set up of that other service, then hoping it works as expected, may be the best option after nearly 4 months of no EPG service. I can not fathom running a company and selling a product they KNOW is crippled and does not offer the functionality which is advertised. I believe there are laws against that. I did run Schedules Direct data for a while last time this happened in 2019, but that required mc2xml.. and that app died in Oct 2020.
  9. Closing in on 120 days without EPG service. Come on.. PLEASE fix it already.
  10. It's very doubtful the issue is actually a server hardware issue. That's all merely the same excuse they gave in August. Last time this happened, it took an app upgrade to fix it. There's no reason an app upgrade would be needed if the issue is a hardware related server issue. More likely the API key for the EPG data quit working -- if I had to guess, perhaps they failed to pay the fee for using the EPG data API key and they are just waiting to be able to afford it again or debating if it's worth paying for. They'd need to release a new app version to correct or change the internal API key the app uses... This is what makes the most sense to me, although I doubt they'd confirm or deny this. At this point (nearly 120 days without service) they clearly just do not care about customers. Even if it is a server hardware fault.... it doesn't take 120 days to replace a server.
  11. Basically, there are no decent alternatives to EyeTV. Especially if you are in the United States. My GUESS is that ElGato stopped selling hardware in the US due to FCC restrictions or legal copyright litigation threats - but I'm completely speculating - and that may have been some part in the decision to sell to Geniatech. I just know around 2018 it was impossible to buy hardware in the US directly from ElGato... then shortly afterwards they sold to Geniatech. The hardware being sold now seems to be all "streaming" hardware which is markedly different than the tuners ElGato sold. The only real alternative is to use online streaming services as opposed EyeTV and a tuner - Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV, et. al. That's what developers seemingly expect everyone to do - pay for (multiple) subscription services. While I would generally have no issue paying for an upgrade (especially after years of use). I hesitate with Geniatech merely because support for something as critical as EPG data has been so horribly, horribly, horribly bad. And the EyeTV4 upgrade is pretty crippled in comparison with EyeTV3. I'd hate to pay for an upgrade merely to realize it's similar to the EyeTV4 upgrade.. broken, buggy and worse than its predecessor. It may be a matter of just accepting that as of MacOS Ventura, EyeTV is dead.
  12. Really. Do you care about customers at all? Initially the excuse was "engineers need time"... so.. it's been 90 days and they STILL haven't addressed the issue. Really? Come on. Get your act together.
  13. Bump. This topic need to remain above full pages of spam topics.