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  1. when I try to enter fullscreen mode on my 2018 MacBook Air the beta crashes, every time some body else has the problem?
  2. Hi i am running eyetv 4.0.0b6 8509 with an eyeTV Sat S2 device on: it is not possible for me to change to fullscreen mode. the application is also very unstable, it crashes when I try to enter fullscreen. I'm missing the eyeTV Sat S2 device in the mike's choise list
  3. Did you still install Mojave? did anyone else install Mojave? does eye tv work?
  4. Hallo ich habe das selbe Problem und eine dauerhafte Lösung habe ich leider auch nicht, aber ich habe mit dem eyetv Reporter eine Sicherung von den Einstellungen erstellt. wenn die weißen Felder auftauchen lösche ich die eng Einstellungen und stelle die Sicherung wieder her. das wiederherstellen ist nötig weil beim löschen der eng Einstellungen auch verloren geht welcher Sender von wo die eng Daten beziehen soll. den Reporter bekommst du wenn du hier falls du ihn nicht kennst
  5. Did you change to the S7 in the EyeTV settings?
  6. Hi i also use the EyeTV Sat with ci module. i searched for an alternative in case my Sat Crashs. Ifound Terratec S7 as an alternative. It seems geniatech is not interessted in this user Problem.
  7. Anything new about the compaibility? any problems with the gm?
  8. I added the EyeTV connect app to startup programs n the system prefs, this also worked to resolve this Problem
  9. @Mikyesun can u give any Update when we can expect to see EyeTV 4?
  10. Joda99

    EyeTV 4

    My last awnser i got from Support regarding eyetv 4 was, they can not give me any dates. i hope someone from geniatec see this topic and can give some Details, like they did for Apple TV APP.
  11. Joda99

    EyeTV 4

    Hi what is the status of EyeTV 4? When can we expect to see it or get a BETA?
  12. you can find pictures on the genitech hompage and app store
  13. Hi you have to add the EyeTV connect app to the startup programs in the os settings. you can find this program in the library. After a restart it works
  14. This is what i meant. watching my recordings, stored on my mac, on atv. sorry when it was not clear.