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  1. I'm not sure I'd call either a solution as such as they don't have the UI or features of EyeTV as each currently stands, but DVBLink is available free (with emailed activation code) and SiliconDust also have their own macOS client software. Those aside, there's also Plex support for HDHomeRun tuners and server/NAS-based setups like TVheadend. Calling a spade a shovel, I think it's absolutely atrocious we've been placed in this position, especially with no prior notification whatsoever.
  2. This is a seriously poor decision that directly impacts customers because the complete lack of communication around it is even more poor. Hopeless.
  3. Hi, Has the recent 7521 update completely broken functionality with HDHomeRun tuners for any one else? Running the Setup Assistant shows no option for HDHomeRun at all under Network/IPTV. Installing 7520 does have HDHomeRun and runs OK. C'mon Geniatech, how'd this get through testing?