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  1. In the end I gave up with EyeTV. No support, the issues not fixed. I switched to the satellite setup of my smart TV (Philips). No dropped frames or stuttering. I wish you all the best of luck with EyeTV, if you are planning on sticking with it. A shame. It was very good when it worked...
  2. Could you please tell me which tuner you have? I have EyeTV SAT and EyetV4 on my M1 Mac Mini us useless. CPU at 100% and jitter on all HD channels.
  3. Everything above 8520 has severe jitter with all HD channels, and the CPU load is at 100%. No idea why this suddenly changed. Until then all channels worked perfectly.
  4. Thanks. For some reason 8520 isn't there.
  5. Hi, The last version of EyeTV4 that didn't have stuttering in some HD channels (for example BBC1 HD and BBC News HD) was 8520, and unfortunately I can't find that version anywhere anymore. Does anyone have it? If you do please share with me! Or - if anyone (including Geniatech) has a solution to the stuttering in some HD channels still found in 8526 please let me know! (MAC Mini 2020 - Apple M1 chip, EyeTV SAT DVB-S2 Tuner/Decoder). Kim
  6. Is there any update to this? I first had a Mac Mini 2014 and now have a Mac Mini 2020. Both have the same stuttering when using 8524, but not when using 8520. The Mac Mini 2020 is very powerful so it is not a hardware issue. Edit: It is also for non-Freeview HD channels. And finally - I use the EyeTV SAT receiver with a CAM module.
  7. Hi, Can anyone help me find EyeTV 4 build 8520 ? EyeTV 8521 doesn't work properly (many HD channels are choppy and unviewable). This wasn't a problem with 8520. You help would be much appreciated!