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  1. Hi, Marc… I am a user and the answer is that right now there is no EyeTV product that does encryption via CI slot. There use to be the EyeTV 610 (I have one and I still use it, but most new services don't work). Lets see what Geniatech presents next month or in the near future. Cheers
  2. I support your idea. Include the possibility of attaching a USB-C/USB 3 pen drive or hard disk and network share/NAS support so recordings go to any of those options and include an AppleTV 4 app to watch, time shift and schedule recordings. on the attached USB storage or network share. 4 Tunners/decoders is a must.
  3. By the way, I used to work at an AppleCenter in Madrid, Spain, and we sold a ton of EyeTV devices, so I know that the product is financially viable if done right and with the things that matter to consumers. Right now in Spain one of the most sold TV sets is Samsung because they incorporate a software to watch streaming IPTV content from the main content provider in Spain (Telefonica with their Yomvi content, something like a mix of a cable provider package and Netflix) because all other TV sets need a hardware decoder attached via HDMI. Samsung has listened to the market and has just incorporated an app that does it. But the point is that most people that have Telefonica's Internet/TV package don't own a Samsung and there are plenty of forums over the Internet explaining how to hack the system so any one with a tablet, smartphone or computer can watch the channels over their home network. The process is cumbersome, EPG does not work properly and there are many workarounds that have to be known… so imagine if you have a product that you just connect to your home network and to the cable/aerial antenna and you can watch all DTT T/T2 channels on any device around your house… your children would sure love it. All statistics say that people watch less TV and they go to Internet for content, but this is because the TV paradigm stinks. People want to watch the content they want when they want… and that means time shifting. Statistics say that kids don't watch TV, but the truth is that adolescents do watch it but they don't want to watch it with their parents all the time and the end up going to their rooms with their iPad or iPhone to watch what they can find on the internet. At a friend's house I set up a network system with and old Nestream DTT product and they love it, but there are many channels that are HD and those don't work. But the kids love it so they can watch and record what they are interested (obviously not the same as their parents). So I think that EyeTV has a great market to conquer but with intelligent hardware with the right options and a software bundle that listens to users' needs.
  4. There was a time when I didn't have a TV set because I had an Apple 30" Cinema Display with a PowerMac G5 first and an Intel Mac mini afterwards, and an EyeTV Hybrid, an EyeTV Diversity and an EyeTV Netstream DTT. That was my setup and I was really happy with it. But after all the problems with EyeTV 3 software over the years under Elgato brand I finally ditched the setup and bought a TV. What I would like is new Netstream product that works with DTT (does the 4C work for T/T2?) with 4 decoders or more that has a great AppleTV 4 app for watching channels, EPG and scheduling recordings.The Netstream hardware should have a USB-C/USB 3 port to connect a pen drive or a hard drive so the recordings scheduled on the AppleTV would be saved there and incorporate the option to save in a network share or a NAS. The iOS app would do the same functions and let EyeTV 3/4 on a Mac do the editing, transcoding and sharing. IMHO there is not much sense in incorporating transcoding in the AppleTV or the iOS and even editing in those devices should be a secondary function that would require transferring/copying the content from the USB attached media on the Netstream or from the network share to the iOS/AppleTV device. This way we could record tons of content in the USB attached media or the network share without filling the iPhone/iPad/AppleTV devices and just transfer to those devices the piece I want to edit and share. I have read Ton's posts and he suggests many things that are right on the spot, but Geniatech has to decide if they are a software company that creates theirs own hardware, selling the software to be used with other vendors' hardware, or if they are a hardware company that bundles their own software. In the first case the software would have a more expensive price tag when bought separately but free for those that buy their hardware (including free updates or cheap upgrades with new versions). In the second case the software would be only for their hardware and would not support third party devices or only those that pay a fee. A third case would be to ditch their hardware all together and just create a software that supports as many hardware devices as possible and people would buy their hardware anywhere or bundled with EyeTV directly from Geniatech. So… what is it going to be Geniatech? I loved EyeTV products and I am looking forward to ditch my TV set again, buy a no frills digital screen with only HDMI 2.x ports on it and use an AppleTV 4 and a Netstream product to watch, record and time shift my content.