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  1. UPDATE: So I contacted Geniatech with the issues I am having and they refunded me for the software so that's great. But no answers or response from support as to why it crashes. I did find that if I do not have my EyeTV HD connected then the software does not crash but of course that defeats its purpose. So I am happy to have my money back but would gladly buy the software if they fix it to work with the old EyeTV HD as its a great little box. If they don't want to support it then they should just take it off the list of supported devices! Another thing is when I launch the software I got this warning "Your activation key has been invalidated. Enter a new activation key above. If you find this to be an error, please contact Geniatech Customer Service." So it seems you are doing an online handshake everytime you launch the software which might mean it won't work offline, not sure but the fact they can remote invalidate your activation is interesting. I will use the EyeTV Reporter app to hopefully remove all reminisce of EyeTV4.
  2. using the EyeTV reporter works but then it eventually crashes again, and you have to do the whole thing over. For me at least this new version sucks and I want my money back. I will stick with EyeTV 3
  3. Eye TV4 and Eye TV HD I bought this horrible update EyeTV 4, and it constantly crashes and I have to uninstall and reinstall then it works for a little but but ultimately crashes again. I just want it for recording stuff. The old EyeTV 3 is great and works well but does not run on modern Mac OS. So I was delighted when I saw there was a 64bit version. What a disappointment! Totally un reliable and it does list the EyeTV HD as a compatible hardware. I want my refund but they have not replied to my emails. BEWARE! I am calling PayPal to let them know.