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  1. Interesting that initially one could not find this on the site but someone else had provided an alternative link to it. The new version seems to work but the version to the link to the previous one posted caused a crash when you quit the app.
  2. I reported this twice but as yet have not had a response. I also said that the editing functions of version 3x were vastly superior to that of 4. In version 3 you could accurately edit the video and report it, something that is not the case with 4. In version 4 (when it was working), there was a distinct lack of granularity (fine editing) and the video position constantly would jump to the end of the video. I would have thought that could have been resolved in all this time. I always had to export it out and then use FCP to edit the video. Luckily I have an old computer that still works with version 3 and am able to do that there.
  3. I checked it out and it does not work on an M1 Mac. I tested it on my i7 iMac and it does work there but it still does not allow for greater granularity of 1 second.
  4. Interesting. I went to the downloads and it had version 8527 but when I installed it, it still says 8526. The finest granularity is 1 second. This means there could be 24+ frames in that time. Where did you find version 8528?
  5. I have resolved this issue by using the EyeTV Reporter and deleting all preferences (selected Easy option)
  6. As soon as you select the Record option in preferences, the app crashes immediately. This happens on both my computers (M1 and Intel Macs), running Monterey 12.5 (but happened in earlier versions too). Consequently, I am unable to change the default location which happens to be in my documents folder which is in iCloud. Not ideal at all.
  7. I agree. The video editing side of the app is not very useful as it is too coarse. One needs to be able to zoom in to get to individual frames. This used to work fine in version 3 (which I cannot use as 32 bit apps are not supported).
  8. I would like to see a change to the EyeTV app on the iPad which allows for picture in picture as provided by some other video playing apps so I can watch TV and do some work at the same time.