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  1. I still have 2 issues with this implementation (8528) vs. EyeTV 3's functionality: 1. When I drag the playhead the thumbnails in the timeline go black. That means I cannot easily locate a position in the video without lifting up from my dragging to see where I am. In EyeTV3 I could see, in the thumbnails, if I was getting close to the target cut spot. (On the plus side, I can use the arrow controls to move a bit, with the timeline thumbnails continuously visible.) 2. I need to be able to enlarge the window without it being locked into staying proportional. Specifically: In EyeTV 4 when I drag (lower right corner) to make the window larger I'm stopped when I get to the display window's height. In EyeTV 3 I can drag from the side to make the window wider while the height remains fixed. Or I can click the green button (upper left) for it to fill the display screen. In EyeTV 4 clicking the green button does fill the screen but without the edit controls, making this functionality pointless in edit mode. I want to "fill the screen" with the edit tools along the bottom still visible.
  2. Video scrubbing functionality has been greatly improved in rev. 8526 but it is still not up to the smooth operation of EyeTV 3. Specifically, EyeTV 3 offers an option to see the thumbnails along the video timeline using a "fine" setting. Can we get that capability in the EyeTV 4 editor? Thank you.