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  1. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    It is not perfectly, apple remote still doesn't work which is a big drawback for a TV
  2. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    like where ? i'm not a mac expert at all. I have an eyetv double tuner with antenna DVB-T, i want epg, recording and editing the recording and export to a file, and iphone app. What is the alternative ?
  3. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Full screen EPG is fixed, Apple remote up and down buttons are not! this sucks!
  4. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    try to autoupdate i get an error, and site seams to be down for the moment
  5. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    That stupid answer gave to me as well. Kodi managed to fix it easily, it is clearly that they do not have the technician expertise to fix these issues with the remote and the EPG.
  6. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    What do you mean beta ? there is no beta in high sierra anymore. And from what you are saying you have no issues ? so on full screen if you access the EPG it does not crashes ? from the apple remote the up and down arrow works on the menu ??
  7. 11.0.3 here and streamed a channel from ipad and iphone from my wi-fi, why is it working on me ?
  8. App Eye Tv stopped working on iOS 11

    i have 11.0.3 on both ipad and iphone and i connected to eyetv through the app and streamed a channel. What is not working for you guys ?
  9. EyeTV 3.6.9 on High Sierra, crashing

    Totally disappointment by support. Same issue here, and i'm pretty sure that you all have another issue with the apple remote. The up and down buttons do not work on the menu of eyetv. Same thing had with Kodi, Apple changed something but Kodi made available a patch that corrects the problem. The support of eyetv said to me "We have confirmed that is the change by the apple and we can not control it, hope you can understand and you can try to contact the apple for a further solution." Totally unacceptable. I will reply to them and make my point. They need to take this stuff seriously and not abandon user as there is no other option in mac for time shifting tv (at lease an easy one without any expertise)