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  1. And that is EXACTLY why i i'm staying with Mojave and v3. If remote Control does not work it is a totally USELESS application.
  2. @stelios1914 yeah, and that is one of the reasons i will not upgrade from Mojave. Its not that v4 is steady and have no bugs (😅) but not having a remote in TV is completely pointless. σε ευχαριστώ!
  3. i do not have the new one, i have the original late-2015. which works with eyetv3 , my question is if it works with eyetv4 as i have conflicting response on that. and you can image that TV viewing without a remote is not usable.
  4. i will ask this again as i will never upgrade due to the fiasco of EYETV, do yo have a the macmini remote ? does it work ? I mean the metallic remote
  5. do yo have a the macmini remote ? does it work ?
  6. Does the metallic remote works on this yet ?
  7. am i missing something ? i cannot find to download the MacOS version. only iphone, android and stuff.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Does it work with the eyetv3 dual tunner? I'm not in US i'm in Greece Does it support over the air regular DVB-T scanning and live tv with EPG ? Don't mind paying of course.
  9. thank you for the clarification, i needed that ! I read the thread people are talking about VM with windows 10 and alternative software NextPVR which i do not like and i'm in Greece so no HDHOMERUN. Before EyeTV i was super happy with my win 7 media center application for TV. Do you think that the eyetv3 dual tuner will work with that in a VM with parallels ?
  10. Don't expect apple to get involved on a single software that it is not working. Maybe if Microsoft Word was not working they get involved but not with some piece of code poorly written by a company that we do not know if the exist anymore just give up. I have done it. Im still in Mojave and since apple gives security updates for two releases back i will stay here. I'm not using my MacMini , its from TV and KODI only. I have asked for alternatives here but nothing has come up, i'm still waiting for someone to point me on how to work with the Parallers software. Have no problem pay
  11. perfect example of "how to disorient people from the actual problem" Well, first of all the negativity is NOT from the fact that you have to pay for the upgrade. i will pay double the amount of money asked for that product with no issue. Also noone is speaking about crashes. It does not crash (ok it crash but not that often) WE are all complaining about the fact that it just doesn't deliver as v3. I will not go into the hundreds of problems within the software (again no crashing if the image is just a black screen on full screen TV) or the fact that the remote control, the apple remote the remote on a TV program application on your TV, the remote(!) is not working (again see no crashes on the app). or more and more and more. So go back and try to fix something (do not know if the company is still valid)
  12. hahahah welcome to hell the answer is simple DO NOT EVEN TRY TO BEGIN TO THINK TO PURCHASE IT
  13. Does ti matter ? Is this company even alive ? do they do their job ? do you expect anything from them now ? Is there an ACTUAL ALTERNATIVE for eyetv that works or only via virtualbox, someone says something about another software that can run windows software or MACOs without installing an actual image. . I actually have give up , i want to upgrade to Catallina but i can't
  14. hahaha , nice on M|S Success on EyeTV 4 ? and you are asking to support ARM now ? Be happy that you can still post on a site with expired certificate, full of spam posts and actual employees of the company probably already on another company
  15. Can you please expand on this ? So, i install Catallina, and then buy parallers and need to create a VM with old MacOS ? where do i find the boot ? or i just select from Parallels run on previous OS ? How many GB are used ? does it install the OLD MacOS so you have another 50GB on your HDD in use ?