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  1. Hi all, I just got an "EyeTV Netstream Sat" from a friend, which he didn't use for quite a while. He doesn't remember whether it worked the last time he used it. He lives in Germany and I'm in the UK. So I connected it to my network and the SAT connection in my flat. I live in an apartment block and assume, that there is a working satellite dish installed. I can't say for sure, because I never used satellite equipment here, only Freeview. Upon connecting it, I could see all the German channels. Since they're of no use here, I reset the Netstream. Now there are no channels in the web interface. When I do the "Auto Configuration", it does something for a few minutes and after that there are still 0 channels. I also tried the "EyeTV Netstream" Android app. The start screen says "No devices found", but in the settings it sees the device. When I return to the start screen, it now says No Channels. Please select "Scan for Channels" from the Settings" menu. But there is no "Scan for Channels" in the settings. How can I scan for channels without a Mac? I'm using Linux and plan to use the m3u file to watch TV.