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  1. I have an Elgato product whose only identification I can find is" Video Capture "Squiggle" (Really, see the photo).

    Is this device compatible with the V4 software? I cannot find "Elgato Video Capture" (with or without "Squiggle( in the dece list) and wonder what the equivalent device would be.

    Am I just grasping at straws or will this device work with the Geniatech software?

    Thank you,


    (All my experience is with an Elgato 250+ I bought in 1998??)

  2. I log in tio my account, go to orders, press the link for my one order, click the download link and get a blank page with the URL:


    Nothing downloads.I have reached out to tech support three times with no response.


    Is this company still doing business? I posted this on another forum a week and a half ago and have received no response.