eyetv 4.0.0 (8424)

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I paid a good amount of money for a buggy piece of SW that nowhere compares to its predecessor as far as important features are concerned. I run it under macOS Catalina.
The interface make-up looks good though, but the trouble starts when using it:

If I change the directory to store my recorded content, the choice is not respected. Eyetv stores it always in the "Documents" directory only!
Rubbish I - I don't have enough storage space there to do multiple recordings and want those on an attached storage with more than enough capacity.

When I select a tv program for a recording in the "Programm (EPG)" window it doesn't show me any indication of length in the headline as it did in the past.
Rubbish II - I have no visibility of a the start and end point of a planed recording when planning further for a next recording. Only the error message tells me that I have a potential overlap. Really user unfriendly!

When I call up a finished recording for trimming purposes it doesn't show me a picon in the picon bar. It remains empty. Also I cannot change the resolution of the preview in fine or rough. It remains rough and prevents from picking the exact frame for a trim.
Rubbish III - I cannot simply edit a recording like in in eyetv 3. The most important features to take advantage of the program up to this point are missing or don't work properly.

What is your plan to fix it?

Otherwise please return my money and I forget that there was a past where I was enjoying eyetv as a reliable daily companion of my work.



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