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    I'm replying to my own question (above). There is a new version of mc2xml that solves the problem. I found out by checking the forums at schedulesdirect.org, which is probably where I should have looked in the first place! The new version is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows by going to http://mc2xml.awardspace.info/ -- strangely, this link goes to an old website at archive.org, but if you scroll down to the downloads section, you'll get the latest version (1.7.2). Apparently the downloads are hosted in a Dropbox and are still being updated! I'm gonna send that developer a donation! Just as a reminder, on MacOS you have to turn the download into an executable. Here's how (copied from info compiled by others in this forum): move mc2xml from your downloads folder to the scripts folder open "Terminal" from your "Utilities" folder which is inside your "Applications" folder. type "cd ./scripts" to navigate to the scripts folder. Then type "chmod 755 mc2xml" so that mc2xml is recognized as an executable.
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    Try all of these e-mail addresses: GTEsales@geniatech.com GTEsupport@geniatech.com shopadmin-en@eu-geniatech.com services@eu-geniatech.com I wrote a note to all of them for a refund. Within two days I got my money back (yes, they sent it to my PayPal account).