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  1. Hello, thank you for your info. I did try the latest version (8526). It did not solve my problem. Today I decided to send back the EyeTV-stick also because the Geniatec-Service had no idea except claiming that my equipment should be the reason for receiving tv-programs in a bad quality. I also contacted Appel-support asking if there may be a problem with the M1-Chip. No idea also from this side. Does anybody know if there is another way to receive tv-programs with my MacBook Pro, M1 (2020) without internet connection on the road so to say ? As I found out it seems that other tv-sticks are available only for Windows. Is that true ?
  2. Hi there, I recently bought this EyeTV T2 hybrid-stick and installed the software EyeTV 4.0.0 (8523). I am using a DVB-C digital TV-Connection at the moment and the TV-programs are not running fluently as if some frames would be missing. The videos get stuck constantly for splitseconds. A normal video performance I only get with the normal TV-programm without HD-quality. Does anyboby know what might be the problem. Is it maybe the configuration ? I can exclude that the usb-connetction or cable are not working right. Unfortunately Geniatec has no answer for that. I have an old MacBookPro Retina from 2013 and an old EvtTV hybrid-Stick from Elgato. There everything is working all right.