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  1. for anyone else finding this thread, it was resolved by modifying the site settings in Chrome to allow "Popups and redirects" and "Automatic Downloads".
  2. I have the EyeTV Netstream DTT working with my mac, but I'm now trying to get it working with the app tvheadend. I have used EyeTV v3 to tune the Netstream and within EyeTV v3 can save and load a channel list to and from the device. But I'm struggling to download the m3u file from the web interface. I have tried "http://<IP ADDRESS>/#channels and clicking on the "Download m3u file" which doesn't download anything and also tried "http://<IP ADDRESS>/status/m3u" which just loads a blank page (Have tried with both Safari and Chrome) I feel I am missing something obvious, and tips gratefully and humbly received!
  3. I purchased an "Eyetv Netstream DTT" from a well known auction site. It has version 1.1.5 build 423 firmware. Is this the latest available? If it isn't do you have any suggestions on where newer firmware can be sourced? Many thanks