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  1. With a lack of refund/response from Geniatech, I asked Paypal for a refund. Got the refund, then a day later an email from Geniatech saying "We see you got your refund." After being away for a couple of weeks, I tried your route - purchasing after creating an account on their website. I now have an account on the Genitech website that has all my contact info. It shows that I placed the order and that it has been paid for. It says it is "Processing" the order (for 24 hours?) and in the Download section there is nothing there. I've checked my spam folders, junk mail folders and nothing. Again, no response from Geniatech.
  2. I, too, purchased something online this last week and have received nothing as far as a link to download or any kind of response. I've tried email, forms on their cntact us page and this forum. It sure sounds like Geniatech is having problems of some kind.
  3. I purchased a renewal license for "eyetv Premium EPG Service (USA & Canada) [12 months]" and though they took my money and gave me a receipt, I have received nothing else: No code or description of how to activate the subscription No response to questions emailed to the sales address on the receipt from PayPal No response form the general form on their website No response from the support form on their website Has the company folded? Does anyone have suggestions on how to get a response from the company?
  4. For any future reference, the initial EPG subscription when purchasing EyeTV Software is ONE MONTH. They don't have that listed anywhere. Seems rather cheap to me, and it should be clearly stated. The fact that the subscription is a year at a time can be interpreted to imply that the initial one is also a year. Some clarity would have been appreciated.
  5. I just bought a license for EyeTV 4 (MacOS). The EPG preferences say that it expires March 24, 2022. This is just 40 days after I purchased the EyeTV 4 license. Is this correct? When I bought EyeTV 3 years ago, it came with a one year subscription. Are they really only providing a 40 day license now? P.S. I submitted an online help request, and I sent email in a reply to the initial purchase. but have had no response after weeks. How slow are they at responding now-a-days?