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  1. "Abandonware" is a good description. An even better one is "Noware"! For software that you paid for, but never received!
  2. I never got the key! I have given up! I did get my money back from PayPal. I simply don't trust Geniatech. Regards and hope you have more luck than me! Dw1
  3. Today, received a mail from PayPal. They will give me a refund of my total purchase amount, including freight and VAT. Between the lines, I guess that paypal couldn’t get contact with seller neither.
  4. Today, I issued a dispute at PayPal. That means that PayPaI contacts Geniatech and forwards my dispute and expects that Geniatech responds (which I very much doubt). I then called PayPal and said that I wanted to issue a claim and couldn't wait for a response from Geniatech, since they haven't given any responses at all... no key... no download, no emails, no nothing! PayPal agreed and upgraded my issue to an official claim. I simply want my money back!
  5. I purchased: eyetv 4 (64-bit) macOS Hi Geniatech Sales, But there are problems: a) No confirmation from Geniatech of the purchase. b) No activation key. c) Download link is dead ( http://file.geniatech.com/eyetv4/EyeTV4.0.0_8 517_2.dmg ) d) I tried to create an account, and your system said, that you sent an email to me for activation of my account... but I haven't received any mails from you. I have checked the spam folder. If I don't receive the product that I paid for, then I will contact PayPal and get my money back. I have the PayPal receipt. But I would really like to have your product! PLEASE RESPOND! Regards, DavidW Checkout _ Geniatech EyeTV.pdf