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  1. To answer my own question: the 'Options' no longer immediately appears after a 'Save' in the top of the right pane, but becomes visible there when under Smart EPGs the particular search strategy is chosen.
  2. Having used EyeTV 3 for years to full satisfaction (on a mac mini running system 10.10.5 on a core i5) I always recorded series by searching the Program Guide for a name, adding more clauses until only the series is left. After saving, the option 'record all matches' appears, which makes sure that also future matches will not be missed. How do I achieve the same in EyeTV 4?
  3. Setup: M1 mac mini, EyeTV 4 (build 85..) EyeTV Sat with 4 LNBs (28°E ,23.5°E, 19°E,13°E) After auto tuning 28°E and saving the found channels the other three LNBs were also chosen and auto-tuned incrementally. When showing TF>All Channels tab, there are no channels. The Program Guide shows channels from the first scan, but by far not all channels; during the scan, over 100 transponders and hundreds of channels were suggested to have been found (at least, if you believe the counters in the auto tuning window. A scan for schedules shows many channels that pass by, collecting well over 100.000 programs. How does one switch between channels? How does one get the channels visible? Switching between LNBs using the Devices>EyeTV Sat tab doesn't change the channels .