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  1. Hi, I have a problem integrating my netstream 4C to TVHeadend. When I start the Tombea with " Tombea -i 1 --no-alternate-discovery´╗┐" everything works fine. After a restart of the netstream and also TVH there is no TV adapter visible anymore even when I start TVH with the satip_xml parameter pointing on the netstream. But this is more a question for the TVH forum where I already posted. It seems that my firmware version is different to yours?! Not quite sure, but you wrote " " while mine is [ARCLinux]$ Tombea --version Elgato DVB>IP Server 1.1.0-402r1, Feb 19 2015, 17:49:21 Compiled for ViXS ARC700 platform, XCode Version 4A5546 Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Elgato Systems GmbH, Germany Is this really a differnt version to yours??