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    WHERE IS EPG DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I appear to have the same problem not receiving any TVGuide data here in North America (subscription good through Dec 2019). Tried deleting all application data, preferences, and application itself then reinstalling, but no change. I receive a little bit of data from ATSC/Open Cable Program Guide, but nothing I actually watch. In EyeTV Preferences, after hitting "Update Now" button, I receive the error "Update failed due to a server error". My network security settings have not changed for ~6 months. Guide data has not been updating for about 2 weeks. Sent in a ticket on Friday. Real pain to visit tv listing sites and manually input. Together with lack of support for SiliconDust tuners in latest update will probably drive me to alternate solution later this year. Too bad, been using EyeTV SW for a decade+ and have frequently recommended the solution.