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  1. "OS, Android and Windows" - no MacOS, or just a typo? I disagree expectations are fulfilled as SiliconDust support was dropped without notice and TV Guide has not worked for over 2 months. Will SiliconDust support be brought back in the version supporting the new EPG? If not, the "fix" is useless to me, and, I suspect, a significant portion of your customers.
  2. The new EyeTV SW no longer supports SiliconDust - annoying as it is, but ... I suspect, we'll see, the "fix" will be in SW and will not support the older EyeTV SW version that supports my SiliconDust tuners. Could be wrong. Also, time for computer upgrade at home (10 years is enough), and old EyeTV SW may stop working on new MacOS soon enough. Just too much to think / worry about. I can get other guides to work, but why? Plex just works, I have lots of rave reviews from friends & colleagues. And it removes commercials (well, we'll see how good that works). I've recommended EyeTV in the past, but stopped when they stopped supporting SiliconDust; I felt a real change in the quality of the company at that moment. And now, with the guide not working for 2+ months, not sure why I would want to continue to hitch my horse to the company? And they never provided notice (advanced or otherwise) of stopping support to SiliconDust or Guide programming, there's just a real lack of any quality of support. One had to figure out these "changes" - discover it - on one's own (wasting our time) then dig around the forums to find out what's happening. Meh, they've probably lost me.
  3. In response to another email I sent them on April 5, I received a note on April 7 saying they were collecting test results and I would be informed when EPG service is back. I suspect my Memorial Day weekend will be spent setting up Plex and abandoning EyeTV.
  4. The only contract I have is the one via the link at the bottom of the email receipt from Geniatch labeled "Terms and Conditions": Not sure if that would govern the third party provider? Too much legalese for me, and with references to Germany and United Nations CISG, you'll need an attorney who specializes in international law I suspect? I just hope _if_ there really is a fix, it supports the version that also supports Silicon Dust tuners. Otherwise, so long Geniatech and EyeTV for good. And even if the fix does support that, I may just switch to Plex anyhow when this subscription runs out. How they no longer support SiliconDust tuners is beyond comprehension.
  5. Last note I received from Geniatech was March 1 saying most repair work completed and service will recover soon. Sent them another note yesterday requesting specific restoration date and what compensation we will be receiving. In other threads on this topic, some people report having received email from Geniatech to test a beta of the repair. Frustrating. Playing with Plex on a NAS, losing faith here after over a decade of service unfortunately.
  6. I appear to have the same problem not receiving any TVGuide data here in North America (subscription good through Dec 2019). Tried deleting all application data, preferences, and application itself then reinstalling, but no change. I receive a little bit of data from ATSC/Open Cable Program Guide, but nothing I actually watch. In EyeTV Preferences, after hitting "Update Now" button, I receive the error "Update failed due to a server error". My network security settings have not changed for ~6 months. Guide data has not been updating for about 2 weeks. Sent in a ticket on Friday. Real pain to visit tv listing sites and manually input. Together with lack of support for SiliconDust tuners in latest update will probably drive me to alternate solution later this year. Too bad, been using EyeTV SW for a decade+ and have frequently recommended the solution.