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  1. Purchased this application three years ago and with support that has always been a little "quite side", I am left wondering if EyeTV is turning into abandonware. Is it time to just accept EyeTV for what it is and what it will ever be and move on? (I'd still use EyeTV for some purposes, but questioning as main tuner app these days).
  2. Hello folks, Purchased EyeTV3 a number of years ago, but had always just used it really simply -- just doing everything manually... Now I'm wanting to take advantage of the scheduling and exporting stuff. I've been able to use schedules with no problem and then export a recording to Apple TV HD 1080p. However, is there a way to setup automated exporting to 1080p? The only option I see in FILE --> BUILT IN GUIDE --> SCHEDULES --> [program to be recorded] --> (highlighted then under export column) gives NONE, iPHONE, APPLE TV HD Clicking on Apple TV HD yields that it will be exported as 720p. Is there an option somewhere that I've missed to be able to set it up to export automatically as 1080p? II have exported a few shows that I've recorded to 1080p by clicking the little gear-thingy and selecting 1080p, but I'm talking about setting up for it to automatically export as 1080p. Thanks
  3. I now have two devices, an older HDHR3 DUAL and a new HDHR4 CONNECT -- for a total of four tuners. Under Preferences --> Devices, it simply says I have 2 HDHomerun devices. How does a tuner get assigned when a channel is selected? One that is open and first-come-first-serve if they all are open? There was a thread about how to choose a device and unuse another, but that was if the two devices were different brands. What if they are same brand? It be nice to have flexibility. Should be able to do everything from having four separate running windows, two windows with picture-in-picture each, hard selecting specific device and tuner to do specific scheduled recording, unable entire device if so wish so it can have priority with Plex/MythTV/HDHomerun's own software, etc. Lots of folks are going to be having more than one device. Heck, I'm about to get a third device, HDHomeRun EXTEND. Please adapt EyeTV for us with multiple devices and tuners. I'll have six tuners (2 per device) soon.
  4. I was having opposite issues -- problems with betas, but working great with Gold Master MacOS Sierra and iOS 10.
  5. It's coming up now. Appears to be working (for now).
  6. As Title, the Program Guide is not coming up on my iPhone SE (running iOS 10 developer beta 6), however it works fine on my iPad Air (running same iOS). The Program Guide is working as it should on my Mac (EyeTV server).
  7. It just popped to life. Looks like it is working, for now anyway.. :-)
  8. I found it. Eye TV Parser. :-) Now, if I can just get this other issue resolved.
  9. Hello and greetings! I'm a new member to this board (just discovered it), but have been a registered users of EyeTV3 for years. It has worked without issue until today after upgrading to EyeTV 7.6.9 (7513). I've attached a couple pictures to show the issue that I'm trying to fix. My router is an AppleTime Capsule 3TB running current firmware version 7.7.7. "Back to my Mac" works fine, is enabled, and the status is green. I have port 2170 forwarded to the Mac running EyeTV. Up until it not working, no changes were made to this Mac, my router configuration, or network that would be expected to "break" anything with EyeTV. Any recommendations? Thanks! BTW: I just read on another thread that there is now a Plug-in for Kodi? Awesome! I've been "out of the loop" but have two Raspberry Pi3's running Kodi.