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  1. EyeTV 8509, MacOS 19A582a -It's not possible to enter more than one Character (sometimes two) in the search field (This only works on smart EPGs) -It´s not possible to change text fields in the smart EPGs (focus is always on the search field) Because of the length of this thread: Would it be possible to get a list of known errors, so that not everyone has to report the same errors?
  2. The same for me, Eyetv is now nearly usable 🙂 There are still problems withe the edit mode, so I can't delete markers, It's hard to difference which parts are to be deleted or to be kept.
  3. After update to MacOS 10.15 Beta (9A558d) Wyeth crashes - on opening of an channel window (Live TV at startup is disabled, so no crash on starting of eyeTV) - on closing of a recordings window On every start of eyeTV I have to allow administrator access to update a device driver for eyeTV and the Program Guide has to be updated every start.