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  1. I recognise that my EyeTV DTT is an obsolescent device and the relevant forum section has been discontinued but can anyone tell me if I should be getting UK BBC 4 (Freeview Channel 9)? Signal strength and signal quality is 100% on all the channels that autotune finds, and I have the latest software (3.6.9).
  2. After doing a clean re-install of El Captitan and re-installing Eyetv3, I could not select "share archive" and hence "enable access from iPad etc". Your comment, TheWojtek, prompted me to see if Eyeconnect was running - it wasn't and neither were there any of the Library entries listed in your terminal commands. I manually started Eyeconnect and was immediately able to select archive sharing. As I leave my iMac (and Eyetv3) running all the time, I do not need as a matter or urgency to use your terminal commands to create the Library entries but, if there isn't an update to fix what should have been fixed by now, I will give your solution a try. Many thanks for helping me fix my problem.