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  1. terratec h7 rev. 4 is not recognized by eyte-tv (mac os 10.14) a few days ago i bought an unopened terratec h7 rev.4 in its original packaging on ebay in the hope of being able to watch ci-encrypted pyur kabel tv with it. so far and for many years now i have been doing this on my apple macintosh with a terratec cinergy htc usb xs hd and eye tv 3.6.9 under mac os 10.14.6. this works without any problems, just not encrypted. eye tv also offers me the terratec h7 as a device, so i got it. but unfortunately it doesn't work. the h7 is recognized correctly in the system profiler, but eye tv doesn't recognize a connected h7. i know that the h7 is an older device, in various forums it was stated that it runs on mac with eye tv. and terratec also seemed to have delivered the h7 with an eye tv version in the past. i have also tried several earlier eye tv versions from 3.1 onwards, including on an old macbook pro with mac os 10.6.8 snowleo. none of my eye tv versions recognized the h7. what can i do?