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  1. I want to have a program guide service for over-the-air channels in the U.S. I used to subscribe to TV Guide through EyeTV/Geniatech, but that product is no longer offered. Instead, the product being sold is EyeTV Premium EPG NA -- I guess the "NA" is North America. I purchased this product and I received a key, but I cannot get it to work. The EyeTV software (version 4.0.0 8518) won't recognize my account, telling me "Invalid Login name or Password" and thus won't let accept the key when I enter it. But I know that my login/password are correct because I have no trouble using those to login to the EyeTV website, where I can see that I did indeed purchase a subscription to the program guide. I've requested online help many times but my requests get ignored. Does anyone have an idea for getting the EyeTV Premium guide to work with EyeTV 4? Thanks. -Jeff