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  1. On my MacBook Pro + EyeTV Netstream 4Sat it had been installed EyeTV 3. After updating to Catalina it did no longer work (reason known) and I installed BETA 4 after erasing EyeTV in the program folder. When I now start EyeTV by double click the following happens: 1) Administrator access is required to update a device driver for EyeTV asking for name and password (entered and ok), 2) EyeTV assistant starts (Welcome to EyeTV!). The it takes about 10 seconds and a black screen with a "!" in a triangle appears and on the left sinde "16:9" - nothing more happens. ESC does not work. I have to use option+command+ESC, then I am back to my desktop. Within the 10 seconds I can type next, next... until the key should be entered but before this can be done the black screen as described above appears. Does anybody have an idea, how I can solve the problem and start the BETA version properly?