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  1. Thank you Reinhard, and thank you for posting the English version! Viele dank! This is the big disappointment for me, as it makes it hard to select the exact frame for In/Out points when editing because the missing timeline means you have to guess where to place the edit point and fine mode (-)(+) appears to be unavailable meaning arrow keys make big jumps; and prevents quickly verifying edits after compaction because you can't see where the edit was made because the In/Out triangles disappear after Compact-ing. I was hoping I was doing something wrong and the 4.0 manual would indicate the correct operation. --- The above was based on EyeTV 4.0.0 8524. Geniatech didn't inform me there was a new beta/rev, though they promised to. Anyway I downloaded the new version, and find that 8526 is really no better. They seem to be re-arranging the deck chairs while the ship sinks. I'm keeping 2 Macs in Mojave in order to use EyeTV 3 since I do a lot of trimming with it, though I'd love to move on to Big Sur. Looks like that'll remain the case for an unknown (long) amount of time. --- <rhetorical> How can the EyeTV software have gotten into such a mess?! After deciding to restore the original 32-bit editing UI due to the unusability of the original mutant 64-bit UI, they should have been able to just copy the original 32-bit source code and resources to the 64-bit project, build, and debug. As a long-time developer myself, I can't understand how they managed to mess this up so badly, unless the original code design was truly hideous, or when they moved to 64-bit they ran it through a meat grinder. It's been a long, long time since they started this fiasco. I shudder to think of the devastation if they decide to try to support the M1 and follow-on Apple silicon. </rant>
  2. I have searched high and low for a manual for eyeTV 4 for macOS X (64-bit) and can't find one. It's vastly different to eyeTV 3 and I can't see how to mark clips and compact with it. Is there any doc available online for eyeTV 4/macOS? Have they removed clip selection and compacting from v4?
  3. HDMI would be nice but I think DMCA and lobbyist bribesXXXXXX contributions to Congress will make this infeasible in the US. Reliable capture at 1080p (currently max at 1080i or 720p AFAIK) would be a great upgrade; 4K not needed (by me). De-interlacing 1080i in Handbrake takes ~30% longer on my Core i7 iMac and I capture 95% of my stuff at 1080. Restarting EyeTV HD mfg would be very nice as mine is > 3years old and may be getting a bit flakey. When the current one goes, I'd buy a new one in a heartbeat. Joining clips would also be very useful for my needs.
  4. I also find the that Timeline appears at inopportune times over critical video info (often the copyright date of an old movie, for example). I also would like to see more control of when and under what circumstances it appears. As a workaround, I currently put the window into edit mode, forcing the scrubber and associated stuff below the picture. But of course more screen real estate is used this way (I have a 27" iMac with 27" second display, and even so, working on video and filing the Handbrake-d mp4s to NAS uses up all the real estate of both screens)