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  1. I look forward to this device being introduced to the US market. I would like to ask for the following features in the product: 1. bitstream the broadcast mpeg2-ts to clients preserving video quality and multichannel surround audio. The added benefit here is faster channel tuning times. 2. Ability to use all tuners by a client-for example eyetv could record off all tuners or watch 1 tuner while using the remaining tuners for background recording. I think the original netstream has some silly limitation like reserving a tuner for mobile devices. Instead implement proper dynamic tuner algorithms. 3. If 2 programs are on the same TP, use only a single tuner to stream both multiplexed. 4. DREAM REQUEST-Include a cablecard version to enable full access to CCI 0x01 Copy Freely content! Likely to never happen by while I am asking doesn't hurt to ask. When will this device be made available-after CES2017?