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  1. Thanks Lycresta, I didn't realise how much MacOS had changed. Normally a 32 bit "port" to 64 bit is trivial assuming all the old software libraries still exist and can STILL be used. Obviously from what you said all the 32 bit stuff is now gone. Kinda obvious when I think about now (Duh!) - that's WHY 32 bit stuff won't run under Catalina. It would suit me, maybe not others, if Geniatech ported and released EyeTV4.x (64 bit) in 2-3 stages. A quicker (OK, not quick but quickest?) version that just let's me watch TV with a simple interface (current Beta makes it hard to even do that). Then a version that allows Recording. Then a full version. Porting the entire program all in one go to 64 bit will take longer and introduce a lot of bugs (which is what is happening). Of course, some of these software projects suddenly all come together quickly and finish well. Here's hoping. Oh well, I don't need Catalina until next year. Thanks again mate.
  2. A few points: I tried the 4.x Beta (under Mojave as I'm not upgrading to Catalina until EyeTV 4.x is working) and I had too many problems to use it (problems already listed by others). I will continue using 3.x (32 bit) under Mojave until 4.x is working - it is the only App now holding up my upgrading to Catalina. Sigh! I don't really understand what Geniatech is doing here - it is very easy and quick to upgrade a 32 bit program to 64 bit (almost automatic). So given how long it is taking with so many bugs I'm guessing: 3.x (32 bit) is being completely rewritten during the conversion to 4.x (64 bit) and hence new bugs. Geniatech is under staffed on this "project" (hence the delays). *** Would Geniatech please just convert 3.x to 64 bit quickly WITHOUT any other changes / improvements (3-4 days) and release that (i.e. a "3.x 64 bit" thing) as a quick interim solution to all these problems and delays (so that we can all upgrade to Catalina and still use EyeTV). Please! Then release the rewritten 4.x 64 bit whenever it is ready. *** Good luck Geniatech. Rod M.