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  1. True, thanks for the tip. Cycling through the channels one by one still isn't as good as the setup in EyeTV3 though. I miss the on screen Up/Down channel list.
  2. EyeTV 4 is not as easy to use as EyeTV 3. Why are many of the features taken away? Please bring back 1. Bring back the Up/Down Arrow keys to browse the channel list in the current open window. Using the mouse to select channels is not convenient for my living room TV Mac mini setup. 2. Make the font size legible like it was in EyeTV 3. A lot of us use TV monitors in living rooms. 3. Bring back the the Program Guide that opened in the current fullscreen window. Command G used to bring up this guide and you could navigate around with the arrow keys. 4. Bring back the Return Key to show program info and synopsis.
  3. I 100% agree, I too use a TV as a monitor in my living room and Mac Mini. The new controls in EyeTV4 compared to EyeTV3 a terrible. Bring back the Up and Down arrows too.