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    I have a Sony PlayStation 4 500Gb for a couple of years now, it’s worth it for fun. I don’t have much time to play, so I use it only a few times a month. It's nice to play something funky sometimes, relieve stress. the graphics are super, on my not the newest TV the picture is always juicy, the reactions are quick and correct. There is certainly a lot of such a prefix now, but this is unlikely to stop avid gamers. PS 4 financial pump, which does not imply a one-time cost of purchasing a set-top box, Sony's monopoly, is designed for long-term pumping of money from a client who once bought a PS 4. The set-top box does not recognize foreign games, except for those licensed by Sony. The result is deplorable, the prefix rises in price with each game acquired. For a very decent penny. Iron quality sensible, no complaints, except for noise during operation, turning on the acoustics, noises are therefore not audible. Prior to playstation 4 of the consoles at home, there was only wii with simple graphics, did not dare to buy Sonya, motivating it with overpriced. But after testing the set-top box, my friend was struck by the clarity and volume of the graphics on Sonya after the simple two-dimensional characters wii and the plots seemed to me no less creative than on my previous set-top box, and the joystick control, though unusual, but thoughtful and intuitive the first time. I am very grateful to the store for such a cool thing.