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    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Even refund does not work: Abandonware?! Did send my device back on April, 12. since it was not working then for over a month, without a solution in sight!! Now 3 weeks later no reply and no money back. The telefon contact in Germany does not help. This is really my worst expirience and I will share it in all social media.
  2. kias

    EyeTV-T2 not working

    Eyetv lite don't work since switch in Germany to DB tv 2: my Eyetv lite can't even recieve. It says "Sender nicht verfügbar" although all paramenters are fine regarding mac machine and software. This is since switch in Germany to DB tv 2, Before everything worked. So it must be Eyetv Hard and/or software. I have not recieved any answers since making contact verrsus the formular (Ticket#2017030616000208) regarding this topic! By now I#m askng myself if I bought Abandonware?! When will there be a solution so what I bought will function??