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  1. EyeTV-T2 not working

    Even refund does not work: Abandonware?! Did send my device back on April, 12. since it was not working then for over a month, without a solution in sight!! Now 3 weeks later no reply and no money back. The telefon contact in Germany does not help. This is really my worst expirience and I will share it in all social media.
  2. EyeTV-T2 not working

    Eyetv lite don't work since switch in Germany to DB tv 2: my Eyetv lite can't even recieve. It says "Sender nicht verf├╝gbar" although all paramenters are fine regarding mac machine and software. This is since switch in Germany to DB tv 2, Before everything worked. So it must be Eyetv Hard and/or software. I have not recieved any answers since making contact verrsus the formular (Ticket#2017030616000208) regarding this topic! By now I#m askng myself if I bought Abandonware?! When will there be a solution so what I bought will function??