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  1. Hi all ... I have an issue with my Netstream 4sat. It runs on all devices perfectly; without my Philips TV ... On this, only the HD tv channels are running. Non HD channels are completely pixelated! I have already tried every setting, but nothing helps. I have also tried all 4 HDMI-ports and also different cables ... Now I have no more idea?! Does anybody has an idea and can help me?
  2. Hello all ... I have a problem with Netstream 4sat and my PHILIPS TV! I can only watch HD channels on my Philips TV (model 55PUS6101 / 12) with EyeTV. All other transmitters are completely pixelated and only the sound is audible. This works perfectly on all other devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac etc.). Which settings are wrong??? THANK YOU!