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  1. And I may, at some point, reconfigure everything and see if is better. But I'm hesitant to sign up there until I'm ready to redo everything (so the 14 day trial doesn't get chewed up by my procrastination).
  2. Please don't take my post as being negative. I didn't intended it to dissuade anyone from trying the alternatives. As I posted, they are GOOD alternatives, especially in light of Gineatechs complete apathy. My experience with the alternative may be more specific to my location/provider/system/hardware etc. It works fine, and is an adequate alternative. I don't have any real complaints about the actual data. It's sufficient enough for the most part. However, SOME channels do NOT switch correctly. Meaning I choose channel 786.... EyeTV switches to channel 26. This only happens for a few odd channels, but it does happen -- and yes I've verified the schedule data, the XMLtv EPG settings. ... everything APPEARS correct, still the odd channel thing occurs. But again, this is only for a few odd channels. I simply have to manually use the box remote to switch to those channels - EyeTV will no longer switch to them properly. So there's no scheduled record for those channels due to this. As for the actual getting of and updating data..... I've got the updating down to a simple selection in the Scripts menu within EyeTV.. but that's where things are not quite ideal and why I don't automate the updating further. ... When I choose to update... the download of data etc happens fine and I've got the shell script set up to "ding" when it's done so I know it's got the data. EyeTV then essentially "locks up" for 3-10 minutes while it reads the new XML file. After that, things are fine. For the most part this isn't really a problem. I merely choose to update and then work on other things until I see the LiveTV window actually moving again. However, if this "lock up" occurs during a recording, the recording is hosed. And this is why I am apprehensive about automating things further. So, my issues are really due to the overall process of using the alternative. They are merely "quirks" due to the alternative and not unmanageable "problems". And I am aware it may be entirely due to my provider and location. I'm not in a "major metropolitan" area and I am pulling quite a few channels from schedulsdirect (roughly 100). I am also aware that if I were to decrease the channel quantity the updating would go much faster, but then, well.. I'm missing guide data again
  3. While the alternative does work.. and I am grateful to those that sussed it all out... realize it is NOT a replacement for the TVGuide EPG data.. it's an alternative since GeniaTech apparently has absolutely abysmal at customer service, at least for the North American market. As an alternative it's okay, it's often missing some minor data and the updating is not as smooth as it is with TVGuide data. In addition, TVGuide data would often change day to day based upon changes for the programming. The alternative may or may not do the same - you'd have to tell it to update in any event most of the time. It's not quite as reliable. But the XMLTV data is much, much better than having nothing at all.
  4. Angela didn't post "a week". But really, how seriously can they be taking it since it's STILL broke almost 10 days later... which makes it 18 days since the data expired.
  5. Well it's not fixed. Angela is a liar.
  6. I tried using the -T command rather than -J but no matter what I did I was getting an error.
  7. DC... The saved lineup at SchedulesDirect does NOT alter what mc2XML pulls. I have a saved lineup. If you read you'll discover that mc2xml by default will always pull all channels. I had a lineup saved at ScedulesDirect, but mc2xml payed no attention to it other than to pull the provider and zip code. does provide information on how to limit what it pulls. This was an easy enough processes --- simply create a new text file titled "mc2xml.chl" in the same directory as mc2xml and inside that text file list channels you want or don't want. i.e.: 1-5 15-30 -31-45 56 65 A minus sign in front of number is to exclude channel or range of channels. That's all there is to it. mc2XML will see the .chl file and pull/exclude the channels listed. More info can eb found at
  8. Yeah seems the mc2xml by default pulls every channel for the provider/zip code. The key was to tell mc2XML to ONLY pull specific channels via a mc2xml.chl file in the same directory (just list the channels you want in the file, that's all). It dropped it to actually 114 channels as opposed to 680+,. It still takes EyeTv about 5 minutes to processes the XML, but it DOES process it completely... and all the EPG data is there. (interestingly enough there was a "complete" sound that EyeTV made I had never heard before). And yeah, setting all channels to the XMLTV option took a few minutes, but, as you stated, do it once an then "Save Channels" so it's there. and with the channels saved, I can switch back to an old saved channel lineup to test if the TVGuide data is EVER f*in back online (Note I also had to give the bash scripts permission to connect to the web in LittleSnitch) I still want my TVGuide EPG data.. but this is much better than nothing. I do appreciate all the work which went into figuring it all out.
  9. Sorted via can create a separate file with channels to pull.. dropped the XML from 310+MB to only 95MB
  10. Okay so it seems the XMLTV file includes ALL channels for my provider in my zip code, not merely those channels "enabled" at schedulesdriect. This is what is bogging down EyeTV.. loading 800 + channels rather than the 50-75 I have enabled. Does anyone know how to restrict the XML to only enabled channels?
  11. Okay it seems to work but always hangs EyTV. So, I won't be able to automate this. After letting it sit for some time as "unresponsive" I can force quit, and relaunch --- then I have to do that quirky hardware thing of unplugging and replugging the device (EyeTVHybrid) - it loads and the data is present. I'm uncertain why it gets stuck opening the XML file. It seems to load it, but then has trouble exiting the load.
  12. But... upon opening the xml file with EyeTv.. EyeTV simply hangs and is unresponsive. In fact, opening the XML file with BBEdit hangs that app as well. Perhaps due to the file size.
  13. This line type in ."/mc2xml -J sdusername:sdpassword -c us -g zipcode" Simply results in "-bash command not found" -- and yes I'm inputting the username password and zip code for schedules direct. I've tried just leaving "zipcode" in the command as well as all variations of the opening period and quotes. Never mind.. no quotes.. the Word file is written poorly. ./mc2xml -J sdusername:sdpassword -c us -g zipcode
  14. China, Germany, wherever... they need to fix the issue. Subscriptions were sold. I realize y'all are just trying to help. I don't mean to imply anything different. But my having to jump through hoops because a company is not supplying what was paid for is frustrating to say the least.