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  1. I guess you've never been a business owner which has experienced an issue that was completely out of your control. I was against negative reviews shortly after the EPG data disappeared, give them time to address the issue....... but a review based upon the LACK of attention to the issue, is now warranted, and becomes more warranted every day.
  2. That's actually unfortunate.. I want EPG data far more than I want a refund. I mean, come on.. EyeTV is pretty much their ONLY software product and is vital to ALL the hardware they sell.
  3. Yes.. I stated it was going to take a month... the issue would be escalated considerably. I'm not so unrealistic as to think issues with never happen. But to not address the issue effectively is simply a poor business model. I still would not purposefully try and tank a company's reviews though.
  4. That appears to be the "form reply" they are sending everyone. Note how the email comes from a completely new URL and domain.
  5. Support emails specifically state that "engineers are working on it." if course, that could be false. They may be looking to actually hire someone to fix the issue.
  6. It's been nearly a month... either hire more "engineers" or better "engineers". It does NOT take a month to: 1) run an update 2) check server log 3) determine error 4) address error 5) push out fix. If your "engineers" can not get this done in 3 days, 1 week tops..... FIRE THEM ALL. and hire a better team. EyeTv is your flagship product, you should be dropping EVERYTHING in an effort to fix issues.
  7. In addition.. the replies to support email come from a completely different company and web address.
  8. well I can just transfer from Tivo to Mac, but it's MUCH easier to simply use EyeTV... and I've already paid for EyeTV EPG for a few years still...
  9. It's been nearly 3 weeks.. can we PLEASE get EPG data back?!?
  10. Jhonkyly's post is just spam... embedding links...He doesn't really need activation assistance.
  11. I can understand the frustration (it's here too).. but I'm curious.... what reply do you expect other than "Sorry.. it'll be fixed" until it is actually fixed? What more could they say or do until the issue is resolved? YES they SHOULD respond on their own support forums.. it's exceptionally inconsiderate that they haven't. While I agree the response to these issues has always been very poor, I do try and keep in mind it's not like they happen several times a year. It's been (I think) 2 years since this issue last occurred. In that 2 years EPG service has been relatively flawless... were you providing GOOD reviews during that time? To tank a company's ratings because of a sporadic issues, which they seem to have little control over, seems a bit over-the-top. Now, ask me again in September and my opinion may be different. The longer it takes to address the issue then less understanding I become.
  12. Well, that's for that Roy. Unfortunately, in the past, it's still taken several months for a fix to be implemented. But at least now there's evidence they know about the issue
  13. Some response from Ginatech would be nice.... At least an acknowledgement that they are aware of the issue.
  14. Everyone should complain using the contact form...