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  1. Not a CPU issue on my mac, at least, but that did lead me in an interesting direction. So I was double checking and saw the usual EyeTV process at ~10 to 20% cpu back and forth, but also an EyeTV H264 Decoder process also with about the same. Which is weird because this should be MPEG-2, not H264.. Upon loading the HDHomerun's web UI, it was offering transcoded streams which I absolutely don't need. So needless to say, I disabled that and went back to just native MPEG2 and it's ..... better, but not fixed. Still stuttering. So I'll keep looking in the HDHomerun angle, not EyeTV, for now. Thanks!
  2. Hello all! I have been a long time user of EyeTV and HD Homerun for live OTA on my Mac. However at some point in time within the last few months the live video has become more and more choppy until it's become annoying enough to be not watchable. It will run steady for seconds at a time, maybe 20, 30 seconds at times, but then freeze video and often audio as well, up to multiple seconds with no A/V. I can't say for sure what's changed to precipitate the freezing, but I did try to upgrade the HD Homerun source as well as EyeTV to latest while trying to solve it.. Current setup: macOS Sierra / iMac Retina 27" Late 2014 EyeTV 3.6.9 (7518) HDHomeRun HDHR-US / Firmware 20161119 Anyone know where I should even start to look first? I'm connecting over WiFi, but this has perfect pings and throughput without any latency or jitter. The signal strength's are shown in the Devices panel as 100%, Signal Quality upper 80%s to 90%s. I appreciate if anyone can point me in a direction to look because I can't find anything on the network side of things. Thanks!