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  1. Geniatech has essentially abandoned eyetv. Just leave and go elsewhere.
  2. I jumped ship to SiliconDust’s DVR. Geniatech has left EyeTV for dead, it seems.
  3. I used EyeTV for about 7 years. It has become so unstable and buggy under High sierra that I’ve jumped ship to SiliconDust’s dvr. Not without it own issues, the developers are at least actively improving their product. Geniatech has left EyeTV to rot.
  4. Geniatech is totally useless. Abysmal support and bad coding. Find a different product and save yourself a lot of aggravation.
  5. I'm jumping ship and moving over to Siliconedust's DVR. Geniatech offers such piss poor tech-support it's not worth the aggravation any longer.
  6. Other machines on the network run EyeTV smoothly, so it is localized to this individual machine. Current versions of everything. Any ideas?
  7. Anyone having stuttering issues on the current High Sierra beta build?
  8. My eyetv is stuttering badly (build 7529). The playback is much smoother is HDHomeRun View. Im running public beta 9 of High Sierra. Any suggestions to help smooth things out?