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  1. Sorry, forgot: I found Core Player in the mean time. Poor interface, best efficiency (720p H264). Try it out.
  2. Thanks, but I didn't tune much. Maybe it's because of 2 GB RAM and a 2009 HDD. And it's a test machine only, I have a clean installation of OS X running. Anyway, I tested VLC over the last days to convert and stream to the eMac from a 2013 MacBook Air. Result: 0.2 fps :-( Problem seems to be the sending machine, receiving 720p MPEG-2 on the same machine sometimes worked (sent from an eMac)! Conversion of the eyeTV live stream also works when saved in an MPEG-2 TS file, needed 130 - 160 % CPU (4 Cores available). Unfortunately I don't have any other machine to play around. Didn't find out what's wrong, WiFi and CPU are not even close to their limitations on both computers. Using VLC was kind of frustrating as it often crashes, e.g. when I tried ending the stream. Testing is over now. VLC is too unreliable (even for a proof of concept) and I don't know any better movie streaming software. I think, there's only two ways out: 1 RaspberryPi (or similar) with enough CPU power, coming maybe 2019 + reliable software 2 A dream device called "eyeTV legacy box" or something, which does conversion and streaming over WiFi (or USB 2.0). Damn Geniatech, where do I have to wrench you to bring that device? If anyone has a real life solution please post it here, I'll test it.
  3. Done! I did some testing and found out mpeg2 works best. I created a file using VideoLan Client with 1280x720 px, 25 fps, 48 kHz, MPEG-TS, mpeg2 encoder. A full movie is as large as 4 to 5 GB, but who cares for file size in 2018 anyway? Playback takes 70% (VLC) to 80% (eyeTV) CPU. Picture quality is close to original (DVB-T2), you might get better results with high quality source and professional encoding software. However, that's still the best picture I have ever seen on an eMac. So now I'm able to watch every movie I own in maximum monitor resolution on this vintage machine. The only question left is how to convert a live TV stream to mpeg2 in real time. Does some of the eyeTV products do the job? Or a RaspberryPi? Help me!
  4. I've learned, that in other countries DVB-T streams in 720p in H264 and even in old MPEG2 standard (Australia) are available. Did someone make a test with an G4 in that areas in the past? If someone from those countries could provide me a 30 sec piece of an eyeTV recording I would be very thankful. I could check if the eMac CPU is powerful enough, a proof of concept. Just send me a message.
  5. Indeed, my experience is different. No assumptions please. As written before, MPlayer works. "MPlayer OSX Version 1.0 rc1" (2006) is the software which handles 720p in realtime. OS is Mac OS X 10.5.8 and the file is "TV Spot- Tempt" from in 720p for example. My question is how to change an incoming HD stream (DVB-T2: H265 1080p) and send it to the eMac. Over Wifi? What machine could do the job reliably and without everyday care? An older eyeTV product maybe?
  6. Okay, this is what I found so far: since the eMac has 1280 pixels in horizontal direction it's good enough to use 720p HD content. The best format a G4 mac (1,42 GHz) can do here is H264 via MPlayer. Motion sometimes rocks a little, but other players (tuned VLC, Quicktime) are even worst. CPU usage is at 80 to 100 %. This setup gives evidence, that HD is possible. Now how do I get a 720p H264 stream out of the german standard DVB-C, -S or -T2 signal and send it to the mac?
  7. Hi forum, is there any chance to get HD content running on an old PPC Mac? I used the eyeTV DTT Stick for years, worked great. Unfortunately Standards in Germany have moved on, there is only HD over DVB-T (DTT) by now. I'm not bound to DVB-T, DVB-C (Cable) and DVB-S (Satellite) could be an option. I just was wondering which still works and has the best quality picture running on a G4 eMac with MacOS 10.5. Any experts here? Regards.
  8. petertosh: "da die Signalanzeige immer 100 % angezeigt hat" - Aha, bin also nicht der einzige. thomaskud: "In einigen Städten/Regionen müsste eine Zimmerantenne [...] verwendet werden" - Ja nu, das weiß ich wohl auch. Mein Punkt war, dass die Anzeige nur an und aus kann. thomaskud: "werde an unserem Developer-Team weiterleiten" - Danke, das war der Satz (-fetzen), den ich zu hören hoffte! Wenn sich das tatsächlich ändert, hat sich der Hinweis gelohnt. Grüße, Techster.
  9. Hallo zusammen, mein "eyetv t2 lite"-Stick zeigt grundsätzlich 100 % Signalstärke an, völlig egal wo im Haus ich die Antenne aufstelle. Die Signalqualität dagegen ist entweder 100 % (wenn ich den Sender sehen kann), oder 0 % (wenn der Bildschirm blau bleibt). Dazwischen gibt es nichts. Das ist doch in diesem Zustand eine sinnlose Anzeige! Ich hatte erwartet, damit den besten Stellplatz im Haus ausfindig machen zu können, wozu sonst soll das gut sein? Das wird nun zur Geduldsprobe, danke Geniatech. Hat jemand das gleiche Problem festgestellt? Gibt es dafür eine Lösung? Ob das jemals software-seitig korrigiert wird? Setup: MacBook Air 2013; High Sierra 10.13.1; "lite"-Stick; mitgelieferte Antenne; etetv 3.6.9 (7522)