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    Apple Airplay

    I've been using an eyeTV hybrid with a macMini and a basic Audio receiver for years, but this Christmas i got a new Yamaha WXA-50, which can connect to the macMini using airplay. (so no wires) When I watch audio/video through iTunes and even through netflix, every thing is synced up...ie, video/audio match up. But when I use the EyeTV software, audio runs about 1-2 seconds behind the video. I ended up purchasing the airFoil software, which works for EyeTv...but then all the other programs (iTunes, etc) are out of sync, so I'm having to switch back and forth, which sly less than ideal... Has anyone else run into this? Is the EyeTV software supposed to be airplay compatible..? Has Anyone had any experience with this? Thanks!