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  1. EYETV mobile app

    Hi Geniatech if you bother to read or follow this discussion , I would if I wanted to learn how to improve customer service. I have had eye tv for a while , firstly with HD home Run then with EYETV Go , and at Xmas this year bought a EYETV mobile. also bought 1 for my son This turned out to be a real downer as I can’t run it on my iPad or iphone due to having ios11 shouldnt Geniatech let people know that they are not up to speed with the world, so I can avoid disappointing myself and my son , espeacially my son, as he has a present that is useless. i am posting this as it seems Geniatech don’t react to support queries on their website. if this is not fixed soon, I am afraid I will have to switch to another source, if there’s one out there frustrated eyetv fan