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  1. Same observation here. Just upgraded my main machine to Mojave and went directly to 10.14.1. Scheduled recordings appear to work again. And the computer goes back to sleep afterwards. Let's keep our fingers crossed that the issue is really solved.
  2. Hi ABC123, Your post helped me to nail down the cause of the issue. Now I can reliably reproduce it following these steps: Program a recording of – let's say – 1h 30m. In System Preferences/Energy Saver, set "Turn display off after" to a value below 1h 30m and uncheck "Prevent computer from sleeping automatically when the display is off" Put the computer into sleep mode This will result in an "endless recording" until I wake my computer manually. There is one – very interesting – exception: Should another process be active at the end of the programmed recording which prevents the computer from going to sleep (you can check this in the process list of Activity Monitor), the recording stops normally. The same holds true if you use your computer at the end of the programmed recording. In my case, a backup process for a cloud backup service (Arq backup to Backblaze) sometimes would run during the recording which led to normal recordings. Summary: The issue occurs if EyeTV is _the only process_ preventing the computer from going to sleep at the end of the recording. Please test an confirm.
  3. After some additional tests, I noticed that the issue also occurs on the "other" account with admin rights.
  4. I tested with EyeTV 3.6.9 build 7524 on a Netstream 4SAT with firmware
  5. I remembered that one thing to always check is trying to use a different user account. So I logged out of my normal account, logged in into another account and scheduled an overnight recording. This worked perfectly. But I only tested it once. Can anyone else please test this? My normal account has "standard" rights whereas the other account has "admin" rights. Apart from that, there are some differences in the user agents.
  6. Same issue here. Many recordings just don't stop. This results in recordings of up to 9.5 hours and 70 GB file size. The whole night! Important observation: EyeTV stops the recording as soon as I start using my computer again: Computer is running and recording (On the switch, I can see the network traffic between the Netstream 4SAT and my iMac) Display is turned off I hit a key on the keyboard and enter my password At this moment, EyeTV stops the "endless" recording This is a relatively new issue for me. Probably started with the update to 10.13.4.