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  1. (addendum) It is related to DVB-C. The EPG is for sure enabled in advanced options (and it is enabled by default anyway when installing the program clean).
  2. (is the name of this forum correctly spelled ?) Since latest updates from Microsoft Windows 10 build 20H2 (64bit) the EPG info is no longer shown within Geniatech Total TV Player. The channels list displays only the channel name and nothing more and the program name does not display neither in the application window, nor in OSD. Even saving a program as .ts file will only save the .ts file alone, without the accompanying .xml file, as used to be in the past. I also installed clean a Windows 10 system with all updates, then installed Total TV Player (6.48.02) from scratch – no difference, EPG still does not show up. At the same time, using DVBViewer shows the complete TV Guide, so there is obviously a problem with Total TV Player program, not a drivers problem. ??