Gracenote errors in EPG data

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I've been using Gracenote for quite some time now, and I have discovered that sometime the EPG data for Danish TV2 is incorrect. For instance the last week or two, the programme "Tinkas Juleeventyr" is not shown at 20.00 even though it is actually scheduled for that time. Gracenote shows another show that was aired many months ago. 

This is not the only time I have seen it, but now I was actually about to record the programme, and discovered that it did not find it on some of the days.

I did try to "Clear EPG" and then reload the EPG data from Gracenote, but this did not fix the problem.

When looking at some of the sites that has online tvguides (, and others) they actually list the programme to be aired... so gracenote must do something wrong?

This is very much a blocker for us to renew our gracenote subscription when it ends next time as I have found other free alternatives (xmltv based), but Gracenote is a bit better on some other points, but if I cannot trust the EPG data, then it fails.



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