Eyetv mobile is not working with ios11

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I got eyetv for while and it was working well. I even could watch HD tvs however my HD TVS disabled  when I upgrade iOS to 10. After awhile  when I upgraded to iOS 11 my eyetv completely stopped working. It’s very disappointing to see eyetv developers still has not released new version of eyetv app to fix the issue. I was always recommend people to by eyetv mobile but now I stopped it and suggesting people to not even think of it.

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A number of users have posted on this topic. Geniatech has done nothing. I emailed the company and was told that the tech. staff were working on the problem but nothing happened. I tweeted the company but received no answer. Bearing in mind that Apple releases beta versions of its operating systems to developers months before releasing the final version Geniatech had plenty of time to rework the software to make it compatible with iOS 11. The obvious conclusion is that the company has no intention of making the device compatible with iOS 11 and we are simply left with junk.

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