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  1. I asked Geniatech for a refund of my EPG annual subscription on the basis that the software had not been repaired and there did not appear to be any likelihood of it being repaired. The reply from the company was: "Very sorry that we still do not have a solution for it. I will send you email once our engineer has a solution. We will extend the time of your EPG validity period for the outage period. Our engineer is really trying to solve it. Our engineer may need some time." I have now made alternative arrangements for recording tv programmes and will not be renewing my subscription if the EPG ever comes back on line.
  2. "Together TV", channel 83 in the UK, has disappeared from the EPG. Does anyone else have this problem or know if Geniatech has stopped carrying it? Is there any way of getting it back. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for your post. Someone else on the forum solved the problem for me. Go to your home folder > EyeTV Archive (or whichever folder you have selected to place EyeTV Archive) where you will find a list of scheduled and recorded programmes. Select the programme you wish to download and right or control click on it. A file menu opens and from this click on "Show Package Contents". A panel opens containing a list of files and folders the last of which will be the programme. You can tell by the file size and that it is in MPEG format. Drag that file to Handbrake, select the desired quality and conversion speed and then click the green start button. Handbrake will convert the programme file to .mp4 format which can then be added to the TV app, downloaded to an ipad etc. I hope that helps.
  4. Many thanks tmi. In the last couple of weeks I found that I could no longer convert EyeTV formatted recordings to mp4 so that I could upload recordings to my iPad. Your work round has sorted the problem.
  5. PBS channel 91 in the UK is frequently unavailable which means that it cannot be watched or recorded. Is there a cure for the problem please or is it a channel transmission problem?
  6. As Ton mentioned, convert the version 4 recorded file format with Handbrake to mp4. It works for me; I have made several recordings and transferred them to my iPad. There are other problems with the EPG but they are separate.
  7. In June 2018 I asked Geniatech about upgrading the software v 3.6.9 to run on future Mac OSs which will only accept 64 bit. The answer is here: The new Mac OS will be launched in September or October 2019 The information is not very clear but the company seems to be aware of the problem, Whether it does anything about it is another matter. Some of us still have a useless EyeTV Mobile device which will only run on iOS 9 or below so the prospect of upgrading 3.6.9 does not look good.
  8. A number of users have posted on this topic. Geniatech has done nothing. I emailed the company and was told that the tech. staff were working on the problem but nothing happened. I tweeted the company but received no answer. Bearing in mind that Apple releases beta versions of its operating systems to developers months before releasing the final version Geniatech had plenty of time to rework the software to make it compatible with iOS 11. The obvious conclusion is that the company has no intention of making the device compatible with iOS 11 and we are simply left with junk.
  9. RoyP


    Assuming that Geniatech produces a fix for iOS 11 can the company please confirm that it will put it in the AppStore as an update.