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David Andel

Netstream app and 12.9 inch iPad Pro

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Unfortunately, it seems that Geniatech does not use any 12.9 inch iPad Pro for testing as the GUI of the Netstream app has some weird problems (pictures included) on this specific device. On every other iPad (iPad Pro 10.5 inch and iPad Air 2 have been tried) the GUI seems to be working as expected but it remains a mystery to me why no one ever repairs this quite horrible looking bug. My efforts via the EyeTV support had no positive outcome at all [Ticket#2017112116000291] as they only asked me to reinstall the software (much work for nothing). Then they told me they could not reproduce the error. When I asked them for screenshots and if they really did this on the 12.9 inch model they never replied. Well, fascinating. How should it even be possible that the app does only show its weird behavior on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch (newest 2017 revision)?









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